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{Melamin} Thranduil/Reader 7
“You’re still angry?”
“You’re still drinking?” You snatched away the practically empty bottle of wine at his bedside table and placed it next to the door, out of his reach.
Thranduil pouted as he sat on the bed, clinging to one of the bedposts and muttering something in Elvish that you didn’t catch. Instead of getting angry again you sighed and frowned at him, taking his crown off and placing where the wine had been. He protested for whatever reason with a small whimper and you couldn’t help but wonder when the last time was that you’d seen him like this. Never, you concluded quickly, only to question your memory, unless he hides his drunken stupors well…
Before you had much time to think about it, Thranduil interrupted your thoughts, “Can I have my wine back?”
“No. You’ve been drinking all day.” You left out the part how it was partly your fault.
“But elear…”
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{Melamin} Thranduil/Reader 4
You paced back and forth outside the door of the dining hall, trying to think of a way to eavesdrop without causing any suspicion. If the guards decided to take a leave you could press your ear to the door, but even then it’d be difficult to distinguish the voices of five at the dinner table.
As your annoyance grew, you made your way to the kitchen to try and find a loose brick or something in the wall to pull out and listen through. You were getting desperate at this point, to be honest. You weren’t used to not being able to dine with Thranduil and Legolas, but Thranduil had insisted you stay behind so that they weren’t hesitant to tell him anything about the orcs. It didn’t make much sense in your mind, however you’d done just that, looking him in the eyes and pretending that nothing had happened only minutes before the conversation in an enchanted forest.
Just as you were heading to the wall adjacent to the dining hall, you ran straight into Legolas who
:icon1littlelizzy:1LittleLizzy 126 22
Training for The King pt.7 (Final)
    "I can't believe your making me wear this.." You looked yourself over in the mirror. Talia made you put on a Winter white long dress with thin see through sleeves. She braided your (h/c) into a pretty up-do.
    "Why? You look so pretty! Legolas will say the same!" She giggled. She wore a green dress that was long but there was no sleeves. She just had her hair down instead of up like she did for training. You rolled your eyes.
    "Legolas is probably going to get flirted with with every girl tonight." You tucked a small piece of hair behind you pointed ear.
    "I think it's time to go!" Talia exclaimed grabbing your wrist pulling you out the door. 
    Mirkwood was decorated with string lights and lets just say it was pretty. You and Talia walked down the staircase meeting up with Estelon and Arahaelon. Elves were everywhere enjoying themselves with Thranduil's wine. You looked around for Legola
:iconjojo-art28:JoJo-Art28 20 4
The Memory {Legolas X Reader}
You had lived in Mirkwood many nights, but its beauty still amazed you. The sun was barely visible behind the trees and mountains as you stood on the soil, admiring the scenery. The sound of a river in the distance slowly flooded your ears. Everything was beautiful. It had a certain calming effect on you.
“___?” A voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “Would you care to join me on a walk through the forest?” Legolas, a dear friend of yours, appeared beside you. He smiled at the entranced gleam in your eyes. He knew you loved being close to nature.
“Of course,” you replied, placing your hand upon his.
Legolas was painfully aware of how you felt for him. He knew that his father would never approve of an elvish girl who wasn’t royalty. It saddened him to know he could never be with you. He could never have the pleasure of calling you his, no matter how much he wanted to. One day, he would have to leave you, but until that day he would spend all o
:iconcchope-love:cchope-love 177 31
Love for an Elf Legolas x Shy reader Pt. 5
Love for an Elf Legolas x Shy reader Pt. 5
~17 years ago~
~Normal Pov~
Your small feet carried you as fast as they could and you tried to run from the orcs that were following you. These words repeating and echoing in your head.
“Ada please don’t leave us.”
“I’m sorry [Y/n] but I must return back to Mirkwood.”
“But what if something happens to mama, or to me” The tall elf looked down at the small five year old girl and knelt down and places a golden leaf necklace around your neck.
“My dearest daughter if anything is to happen to you, run into the forest of the Woodlands and run to Mirkwood for there you will be safe.
~End flashback~
‘Must get to Ada. He will protect me.’ The roar of the orcs could be heard, tears fell down you face as you kept running. You then spotted a tree with big roots sticking out from the ground. Quickly you hid in between the them. You tried to steady your breathing and held the golde
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 248 50
Not Long Enough {Thranduil x Reader}
{Sequel to Far Too Long}
___ believed Thranduil’s confession of love. She agreed to give him a chance as a partner, not in royalty or business, but in love. She grew to admire the elf even more as the weeks went on. He seemed to truly care about the girl. It seemed that Thranduil had been true to his word...for six months. During those months, Thranduil devoted his time to making ___ happy. He focused on her every day, and she had to admit it, ___ enjoyed it. She had never been treated so well in her entire life. It was all smiles, passionate kisses, and whispers until that one fateful day.
Legolas had become infatuated with a young elf guard. True she was not a noble, but she was extremely beautiful and courageous. ___ found the girl quite charming, so she encouraged Legolas to continue seeing her. Thranduil did not approve of this. He wanted his son to marry a noble she-elf, one who would provide legitimate heirs to the throne, and he made this very clear to Tauriel.
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